Large personal mistake

If I was 17 or 18 again, I would not make IT and computers my choice of career. And there is one reason why.

And the reason is this: it is very hard — if not impossible — to make “critical” amounts of money from this field.

Instead, I would educate myself with corporate law and corporate fusions. That would be a field where there would be a lot of money and hence it would be a place where it would, through expertise, be possible to get hold of some of this money.

Preferably local legislation as primary study, and US studies as secondary. Or some other larger market.

In IT it is possible to get to this, what I here call “critical” money position, only if I would be an independent entrepreneur whom would also invent and innovate new industry-driving forces.

But the corporate financial and corporate fusion related law would be that much more simpler. Hard in some sense, and one must be smart, but other than that, simple.

But, it is still possible to gain this criticality through financial markets and financial instruments and wise investment especially through exploiting large macro economic phenomena.